We’ve been wanting to start this blog for a while, and for a lot of different reasons: documenting hiking, traveling, early career experiences, long-term relationship adventures, etc.
However, we are both perfectionists and didn’t want to start a blog without a name, so…

A couple of months ago our church started talking about the idea referenced in Ephesians 4:7-16; each member of the church has a role in the body of Christ. Paul said that Christ gave each of us a calling to be either an apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd, or teacher. These five roles make up the unity in the Body of Christ.

Apostles (aka Chaotic Good) are those who strive to explore opportunities in new areas. They tend to have a pioneering spirit, always looking to travel outside the bounds of what is common.
Prophets (aka Lawful Good) have the ability to intuit the deeper meaning to what someone is saying. They’re more open to hearing a higher power and relaying what they hear to those who need to hear it.
Evangelists (aka Neutral Good) are storytellers, they enjoy connecting with people. They’re enthusiastic to tell anyone about the latest show or activity they have a passion for.
Shepherds (aka Lawful Neutral) have a more personal connection with people. They tend to be good listeners and show compassion for those in need.
Teachers (aka True Neutral) are lifelong learners, they enjoy opportunities to pass on their knowledge and understandings to others. They are able to reword information for different learning styles.

Our church described the Body of Christ as the apostles being one leg that is constantly taking new ground, the prophets as a leg that is attuned to sensing a calling from God, the evangelists as an arm that is spreading seed, the shepherds as the arm that comes around someone to draw them into the fold, and the teachers as the torso that focuses the efforts of the body.
In Ephesians, Paul says in order for the Body of Christ to be built up we all must become mature in our respective roles. This means that for the church to fulfill Jesus’ mission on Earth we must cultivate the gifts that we have been given. In order to accomplish this, the parts must join and grow together in love with Christ as the head.

We wanted a brand that would reflect who we are individually and also tie into a shared experience. This is the first church we attended together and therefore has been impactful in our relationship. This series has especially spoken to both of us and in turn inspired our blog name. Kaila identifies with the role of teacher and Kirk identifies with the role of shepherd.

Take the survey here and let us know which role(s) you identify with!

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