2019 Reading Challenge

Both of us are avid readers, so for 2019 we decided to push ourselves and seek out reading challenges. In the past several years neither of us had as much time to read as we would have liked. As we’ve grown, our taste in books has evolved with us but we still find ourselves reading in a narrow scope of interests. To combat this we opted for reading challenges that would cover a variety of topics and genres.

Kaila was a passionate science fiction and fantasy reader throughout her schooling. Since graduating from college she’s found that historical biographies have captured her interest (probably because she didn’t have to take a single history class in college). The book challenge that Kaila is completing is 52 Books in 52 Weeks. Two months in and Kaila has read 10 books from her reading challenge. You can check out her progress here. Since she doesn’t have any schoolwork she also set a numeric goal of 60 books with a hope to reach 70+ this year. Recently Kaila found and compiled all of her to-read lists and discovered she got 450 books behind in college…

Kirk enjoys science, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as nature-related books. He has recently read a handful of memoirs and has thoroughly enjoyed those, so he might have a new favorite genre. Kirk is working on his Masters and isn’t able to dedicate as much time as he would like to reading so he is completing one with a tiered structure found on a reading blog. Two months in and Kirk has read 15 books in a variety of formats (audiobooks, ebooks and traditional). You can check out his progress here.

If you have any recommendations for unfilled spots on either of our challenges leave a comment or email us!

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