Road Trip

3 more days! We have been counting down the days to our road trip (aka honeymoon?) to the southeast ever since Labor day. But honestly, we’ve been counting down to a week off work for MUCH longer.

After deciding that we wanted to do a roadtrip in the southeast we had to decide where we wanted to go. Two places that we immediately keyed in on were New Orleans and Nashville. We figured we could create a loop through those two and after a couple of iterations we decided on one.

This route allows us to hit four states that are new to both of us! We also are going with a good mix of camping and hotels for our trip. One of the camping spots we chose is on the beach and we’re going to be able to go snorkeling there as well. Which will be a new experience for Kaila.

With this mix of camping and town stays we’ve planned on 3 dinners for camping and 5 breakfasts. Since we will be car camping (with a nice cooler) we’re planning to eat fairly healthy. Eggs, pancakes, sautéed veggies; plus we’re going to be trying out two new dehydrated meals to use backpacking.

If you have any suggestions of restaurants or museums we should check out in the places we’re going through let us know. We’re thrilled to go on our first road trip together!

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