Honeymoon: Part 2

It was late afternoon when we arrived in New Orleans so we decided to check in to our B&B, drop stuff off, and head to dinner. It sprinkled a bit during our walk over, but the temperature was pleasant!

Cute Bed & Breakfast cottage

We found a bar straight down and right off Esplanade that had some decent food options. Pedestrian traffic was heavy on the sidewalk but inside was an oasis of quiet as we were the only two people there for a good half hour. This gave us a chance to chat with our superb bartender and we learned about the horrors of working during Mardi Gras. We vowed never to return during that time to preserve the sanity of fine people such as him (and ourselves).

After we finished our food and waited the rain out a bit we took beer to go and walked down Decatur Street and Dauphine Street. We walked past the Museum of Death and one of the residence’s of John James Audubon. We were tired from driving and not sleeping well in Memphis so we headed back the the B&B for an early night.

The next morning we decided to head to City Park. On our way up we stopped at a cute sidewalk coffeeshop for breakfast where we saw three roosters cross the road! We walked through the sculpture garden and the botanical garden. The botanical garden had much better labeling than Powell Gardens had and there were some art pieces interwoven throughout. There was also a train replica of New Orleans.

Once it started getting too hot and we started getting hungry we headed back to our B&B to mix a mimosa and cool down a bit before finding lunch. A block and a half from Bourbon street we found a restaurant tucked in an alley with outdoor only seating. It reminded Kaila of her trip to Spain and Kirk of his trip to Italy. We found the last table with a sun umbrella and quickly ordered drinks and food.

Pimm’s Cup & French 75

After enjoying these delicious drinks and satisfying meal, we headed indoors to cool off at the Museum of Death. We found this attraction on a website everyone should be aware of: Atlas Obscura. They have a catalogue of unique places that are usually off the beaten path or would not be noticeable if you aren’t looking for it.

After the Museum of Death we thought we’d go to the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium but when we got there we realized they closed in half an hour. We’ll definitely go to it next time!

Lalaurie Mansion

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