Not the Year we Envisioned

Friday was suppose to be our last day of work. Instead we bought a second kayak. We made the decision to cancel our thruhike almost a month ago. Our area has been under a stay at home order since March 24th, we’ve been working from home for a little longer than that, and we signed a new year-long lease in March.

This decision was really difficult for us to make. We’ve been planning a thruhike for two years and not being able to fulfill that dream this year is heartbreaking. At the beginning of this outbreak we weren’t sure how the future looked for the industry we currently work in or the industries we’ve been trying to transition to. We knew we had enough money saved for the trail but we were worried that if there was a recession we would struggle to find jobs after the trail and stress our finances. At the beginning of the pandemic that was our primary concern; as the pandemic has gone on we’re more concerned about the possibility of being a vector for COVID-19 to spread.

We’re fortunate to both be employed during this time of uncertainty. We’re glad for the security and stability that we have right now. Humans are complex creatures though and we’re incredibly disappointed and heartbroken that we won’t be on the CDT this year.

At the moment our plan is to hike southbound on the CDT next year but we are very keen to get out of our current work situation and will be aggressively applying to jobs between now and then. In the meantime, we have a second kayak!

Next kayak accessory purchase?

We’re excited to develop our skills kayaking and to explore our area from a new vantage. Providing that the shelter in place orders are lifted and the CDC revises it’s guidelines we have plans to go to Colorado in the late summer, Florida in the fall, and a Christmas trip with Kaila’s family.

Australis on the lookout!

Stay safe, be respectful, and keep 6 feet away!

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