Prescott, Like Biscuit

To get away from the brutal desert heat we headed north to Prescott. Prescott has a history as an Old West town and was founded by Colonel William Prescott, a notable person during the Revolutionary War. To establish his allegiance to his new country he changed the pronunciation of his last name from “Pres-cot” to “Press-kit.” The area is home to the Yavapai People.

When we were driving into Prescott the radio station said it was 66 degrees at around 7:30 am. Getting out of the vehicle it felt like we had been teleported to Colorado; surrounded by pine trees, comfortable temperatures, and clear air. After finding the restroom we looked for a trail map. Unable to find one, we resorted to AllTrails, an app that shows trails all over the world. We picked a loop that would bring us back to the parking lot before lunch since we wanted to explore more of the area after eating.

Much appreciated oasis halfway through our hike

The trail we were on was popular with mountain bikers and we passed a dozen or two during our hike. About halfway around the lakes we reached a spring, which seemed like a good place for a snack break and some photos. We continued on, almost immediately taking the wrong trail. There was very minimal service but eventually AllTrails loaded and showed us where we missed our turn. Shortly after getting on the right trail it became clear that this side of the loop was not nearly as popular. And for a good enough reason. Every couple hundred feet we’d climb straight up and slide right back down on the other side. Eventually we climbed up the last one next to the road and found the trail to be missing.

We knew there was supposed to be a trail down to the dirt road 500 or 600 feet below us but after following a couple spurs that looked promising we ended up making a beeline down the hill. The dirt road dumped us into the parking lot where we headed down to the lake. We sat on a rock people watching and looking for somewhere to eat our lunch. Eventually we found a lake not too far, Lynx Lake, that had some trails nearby as well so we headed over.

After eating lunch at the lake edge we hiked around the lake. It was a very popular area and the trail wasn’t very wide so we spent a lot of time with a face covering. The trail around the lake was pleasant enough and before long it started to heat up so we headed back to the car and called it a successful trip, promising to come back to explore more!

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