Honeymoon: Part 4

Florida was a blast and we were looking forward to the next leg of our trip! First up was lunch in Montgomery, at a Jamaican restaurant. We walked down the street a bit to read historical marker signs but it was really hot and our cramped legs weren’t louder than the heat. Our timing into Atlanta was horrible and we had to deal with rush hour traffic to get to our hotel. Which turned out to have roaches. Fantastic. After switching rooms we just wanted to get out of the city and went to bed before the drive to Asheville.

North Carolina treated us well with a cute town, great vegetarian food, and local craft beer (plus super nice people!). After lunch in Asheville, we headed to our campsite just outside of The Great Smoky Mountains. We didn’t reserve a spot (it’s first come, first served) but were lucky enough to find a nice space free from noisy neighbors. Our evening became particularly exciting when we were cooking dinner and Kaila noticed a wall of rain headed our way in just enough time to quickly grab food and dash to the car.

The rain didn’t last too long and we were out in our camp chairs enjoying the evening and beer before heading to a much more comfortable night of sleeping. We made coffee the next morning before heading to the Tail of the Dragon; Kirk drove. It was scenic and had lots of motorcyclists on it. Since the drive from our campsite to Nashville was only about 4 hours we headed into Great Smoky Mountains National Park to eat lunch at Clingmans Dome. The park was very busy and the Dome was packed, so after taking some pictures we headed down the Appalachian Trail a bit to get away from people and eat. We’re looking forward to coming back to hike it!

Our timing into Nashville also wasn’t ideal and we had some rush hour traffic plus some construction which led to us sitting in traffic for an hour. Fortunately our hotel was roach free and more relaxing. After checking in and showering we headed to downtown Franklin for dinner. Kaila lived in Franklin during middle school and was excited to see it again. Her first impression of the downtown was that there were a lot more bars. Of course this is something you start looking for as you get older so it’s more noticeable. The restaurant we planned on eating at had a 60-90 minute wait so we walked around for a little bit before heading into a bar that had local beer. When we checked the time left for our table, before heading into the bar, it said 63 minutes. Immediately after ordering our drinks we got a text saying our table was ready… The whiskey based shots we had were really good. The beer went down quickly. Our dinner was fantastic and it was looking to be a good time in Nashville!

Nothing says The South like beans and rice, cheesy grits, and gumbo.

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