NaNoWriMo Wrap-up

As we mentioned in a previous post, we both participated in National Novel Writing Month this November and wanted to give an update on how it went! This organization provides materials and motivation for people like us who want to try their hand at writing.

The month started off strong with us setting dedicated writing time aside in the evenings. Things went smoothly for a little over a week with both of us writing every single day. About five days in Kaila didn’t like the political intrigue plot that she was setting up and decided to change it to magic versus technology politics instead. That continued for a few days with more enjoyment. After a week though she started feeling like writing wasn’t what she wanted to keep spending time on. It wasn’t rewarding and felt more like emotional labor. So to keep from getting burnt out and for mental health she decided to stop. Since stopping she has taken up knitting which she is thoroughly enjoying!

Kirk was motivated enough and continued writing throughout the month; writing 30 days in a row. Even if some days were just 200 words. He worked on three novella ideas that he had planned on originally. This worked out well for him because if he got stuck with one story line, he could just pick up on another and come back with a fresh perspective. After taking a few days break, he has downloaded Scrivener and begun to organizing his stories with this super helpful software. Writing everyday was a challenge but it was definitely worth it and he’s glad he took the time to write a little bit each day.

Kirk’s daily word count
Low: 97
High: 818
Total: 10,793

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