Introducing: Endeavor to Adventure

It’s been a minute but we have some news (and new posts soon); we’ve renamed our blog and updated our social media as well! Endeavor to Adventure reflects our lifestyle and what we want this blog to be focused on.

We’re making a couple of other changes too. Instead of both of us writing every blog post Kirk will mostly be taking photos. Photography is a passion of his and he’d like to spend time doing that and improving. He’s also going to be posting more on Instagram. Which means that I’ll be the main writer! I’ve always enjoyed writing but after our NaNoWriMo experience last year I now know that I like writing more in a nonfiction capacity. I have some other projects that I’m working on as well that I’m excited to share when they’re done.

We’re quickly building up a list of places to see here in the southwest and things we want to do. A few things on our list are: Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest National Park, Saguaro National Park, Scuba Diving lessons/certification, and Sailing lessons. There’s so many things to do out here and we’re excited to explore!

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