One Year Later…

Oh boy, I thought last time I posted it had been a while between posts! We have had a busy year living life. Some highlights from the past year to follow.

We’ve taken several camping trips in the past year. Flagstaff and Prescott before the weather got too cold. Sedona, which has possibly become a yearly tradition in November. Our anniversary this year we headed down to Mount Graham for a long (very rainy) weekend. Finally managed to schedule a trip with some of our friends on the Mogollon Rim this summer as well!

For Kirk’s birthday this year we took a weeklong roadtrip to Colorado, passing through Santa Fe, NM, Alamosa, CO, and Denver, CO. We had hoped to check out the Georgia O’Keefe museum but due to COVID restrictions at the time we were unable to secure a ticket. So we went to the New Mexico Museum of Art and walked around downtown instead. In Alamosa we went to the Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge and Great Sand Dunes National Park. Getting to Denver, we checked out Meow Wolf (which, wow) and saw one of our favorite podcasts, And That’s Why We Drink, for their much delayed Here for the Boo’s Tour.

And in between all of those adventures we bought our first home and adopted a dog!

Our new family member, Fennec!

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